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Timeline Maker Viewer

NOTE: for files created with Timeline Maker Pro version 4 or newer

Have you ever wanted to share a timeline with someone, maybe a client, your boss or your instructor, but they don’t have a copy of Timeline Maker Pro? Now you can with Progeny’s Timeline Maker Viewer!

More than a simple image viewer, Timeline Maker Viewer provides an interactive presentation of your timeline that the user can control. See below for more details.

Download Price…………….. FREE


Timeline Maker Viewer is the perfect tool for easily sharing your Timeline Maker files. Use the free Timeline Maker Viewer to:

  • Step through a timeline one event at a time (if turned on by the author).
  • Hover over an event or task to see additional information (pop-up) like notes, duration etc.
  • Click and open linked files that are supporting documents and images for your timeline.
  • Scroll and zoom are available for charts larger than can fit on a screen.
  • If there are multiple charts in your file, they will be presented in sequence, just like slides in PowerPoint.

This is a read only program, meaning you can share your timeline files without concern that they will be changed or manipulated. This is especially powerful when combined with Timeline Maker Pro’s Package for Sharing function.

System Requirements

Timeline Maker Viewer is a Windows program, designed to work best on a personal computer that meets these minimum system requirements:

  • Compatible with Windows® 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 5 Mb free disk space

If you are unsure that your computer is compatible with Timeline Maker Viewer, please ask.