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Timeline Maker Pro - Overview

If you’ve been creating timeline charts on a regular basis then you already know what an intricate, time consuming process it can be. Our industry-leading timeline software removes all of the manual processes found in other methods and automatically builds the timeline for you, with no need to draw. With a short learning curve, tons of automatic features, knock-out charts and interactive presentation capabilities, Timeline Maker Pro Pro is the best timeline solution available. Anywhere.

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Add New Chart

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Event Entry

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Chart View

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Create Charts with Just One Click

With a single click you can create flag charts or bar charts from pre-defined themes to build a wide variety of timelines for printing, sharing or presentation. Or, you can use your own logos, colors and other visual elements to customize your timelines to meet the specific needs of your own or your client’s organization. A formatted chronology (text) report can also be created with just one click.

Easy and Intuitive Event Entry

If you can use Microsoft® Office products, you can use Timeline Maker Pro. Enter your event data through an intuitive table interface similar to Microsoft Excel, or with some simple formatting you can import data directly from other applications.

Print, Publish and Present in Many Formats

There are many options to print, publish and present your timeline charts and chronologies, including a variety of graphic formats, PDF and HTML. Timeline Maker Pro’s built-in presentation tool and seamless integration with Microsoft PowerPoint give you a choice in how to best present your timelines.

Sharing Timelines is Easier Than Ever!

Timeline Maker Pro’s new and exclusive Package for Sharing function makes sure that your timeline files are always intact for sharing with others or making a presentation on a different computer. When combined with the free “read only” Timeline Maker Viewer this powerful feature allows you to accurately and securely share your timelines with anyone, anywhere.

See for yourself why Timeline Maker Pro is the top choice for timelines:

“I am in law enforcement and we use Timeline Maker on big cases… We sampled several timeline software programs and Timeline Maker was hands down the best program available. It’s ease of use for entering data is simple and saves hours from how we use to create timelines. The charts are great and easy to understand.”

Kon K.
Detective, Billings Police Department

Try Timeline Maker Pro, risk-free, for 14 days. No subscription or credit card required, simply download and try.

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Timeline Maker Pro

Watch 3 timeline charts made in under 2 minutes!

(recorded in real-time)

List of Key Features

  • One-click Timelines – Create great looking charts quickly. Just one click on the chart tab and the chart instantly appears.
  • No Learning Curve – Start creating your first timeline as soon as you launch the software. It’s so easy there is no learning curve.
  • Built-in Themes – Easily change the appearance of your chart using the built-in library of themes/styles.
  • Easy Customization – Customize the chart by creating your own themes/styles, using corporate colors and logos or by adding photos and clipart to visually tell the story.
  • Include Links – Include links to external documents, websites, audio clips and video clips to supplement the data in the chart.
  • Assign Category Colors – Color code events and categories for easy visual interpretation.
  • Import Event Data – Save time by importing events from other software applications.
  • Export Event Data – Export your timeline data to a text file for backup or import into other applications.
  • Add Notes – Easily add annotations to a timeline or provide comments to the author.
  • Automatic/Manual Time scale – Specify the begin and end dates/times for your time scale or let the program automatically determine this for you.
  • Multiple Charts – Create multiple charts from the same Timeline Maker file so you don’t need to create separate data files.
  • Customize Data Fields – Several data field labels can be changed so the event data is more meaningful to you.
  • Spell-check – Check for spelling errors using the built-in general and medical dictionaries.
  • Print on Any Paper Size – Print on any paper size you need, even large format printers.
  • Numerous Publish Options – Publish timeline charts to a common graphic file type (.jpg, .gif, .bmp, .png) or output the timeline charts to PDF or HTML for publication or sharing.
  • Built-in Presentation Mode – Use the built-in presentation mode to quickly and easily present your timeline chart(s) to a group – No additional software necessary!
  • Seamless PowerPoint Integration – Insert the chart(s) into Microsoft® PowerPoint slides using the Timeline Maker Pro PowerPoint menu option.
  • Package for Sharing – Use the exclusive “Package for Sharing” feature that automatically collects all linked files, attached images, documents, etc. and creates a zipped file to transport or send the complete timeline file with confidence.
See for yourself why Timeline Maker Pro is the top choice for timelines:

“ I have used Timeline Maker in previous jobs since ~3+ years ago. I like Timeline Maker’s ease of use, intuitive program and the fact that I can save a schedule/graph as a jpg file. It makes it easy to import into MS Word. Color coding is nice to highlight critical tasks.”

Don D.
Reliability Engineer, 3M Software

Try Timeline Maker Pro, risk-free, for 14 days. No subscription or credit card required, simply download and try.

Download Free Trial

System Requirements

Timeline Maker Pro is a Windows program, designed to work best on a personal computer that meets these minimum system requirements:

  • Compatible with Windows® 10 and 11/li>
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 40 Mb free disk space
  • Adobe Reader 5.0 or later

If you are unsure that your computer is compatible with Timeline Maker Pro, please ask.