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The History of Cheetos Timeline

1948-2013 - Various Cheetos Flavors

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Although they aren’t the inventors of the cheese puff snack, Frito-Lays Cheetos are definitely the leading brand of cheese puffs having grown to more than $4 billion in annual worldwide sales. The original crunchy Cheetos, invented in 1948, are still being sold today, nearly 70 years later. In addition to the original crunchy Cheetos, there are 21 other current flavors in North America, with even more variations worldwide. The timeline we have created, The History of Cheetos Timeline, shows the variety of flavors and when they were introduced (and some subsequently discontinued).

The History of Cheetos Chronology

Event Date
Crunchy Cheetos 1948
Cheetos Puffies 1971
Cheetos Paws (discontinued in 1993) 1990
Flamin’ Hot Cheetos 1992
Cheetos Cheesy Checkers (discontinued in 1998) 1995
Crunchy Nacho Cheetos (discontinued in 1997) 1996
Cheetos Zig-Zags (discontinued in 2002) 1998
Cheetos X’s and O’s (discontinued in 2000) 1999
Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Puffs 1999
Cheetos Salsa Con Queso (Crunchy) (discontinued in 2008) 2000
Cheetos Pizza Puffs (discontinued in 2006) 2001
Cheetos Twists (discontinued in 2012) 2002
Flamin’ Hot Cheetos con Limon 2002
Baked Cheetos 2004
Flamin’ Hot Baked Cheetos 2006
Cheedar Jalapeno Cheetos 2007
Xtra Flamin’ Hot Cheetos 2008
White Cheddar Cheetos (discontinued in 2010) 2010
Honey BBQ Cheetos Puffs 2012
Salsa con Queso Cheetos 2012
Cheetos Xxtra Xxtra Flamin’ Hot (discontinued in 2013) 2013
Cheetos Super Flamin’ Hot (discontinued in 2013) 2013
Crunchy Cheeto Tapatio 2013
Cheetos Mix Ups Xtra Cheesy Mix 2013
Pepsi-flavored Cheetos (Japan Only) 2013

Chester the Cheetah

A Brief History of the Cheetos Mascot
As you can see in the Cheetos timeline above, Chester the Cheetah imagery is featured quite prominently. Many would be surprised to learn that Chester wasn’t always the brand’s mascot. In 1971, Cheetos adopted the Cheetos Mouse who lasted as the brand mascot until the late seventies. See one of the original Cheetos Mouse commercials here. It wasn’t until the mid-eighties that sly-talking Chester the Cheetah was introduced. Chester has grown immensely in popularity since then, starring in many commercials, video games and other promotional materials such as plush toys, t-shirts and figurines. You can even follow him on Twitter.

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