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Timeline Maker Pro – v4.5

Timeline Maker v4.5 – Release Notes

Update Notes: This update includes a number of smaller enhancements and feature upgrades for easier data management (time and date), improved chart rendering and sharing, as well as general usability. Several bugs have also been addressed from earlier versions of Timeline Maker Pro v4.

Please be aware that the file format has also changed to accommodate these improvements. This means that once you open a file with version 4.5, it can no longer be opened by earlier versions of the program. If you have any concerns, simply make a copy of your timeline file as backup before you use version 4.5.

For your convenience, the most notable changes are listed below:

  • Enhanced Readability of Timeline Data: Larger font and new tab graphics make it easier to enter and view your timeline data
  • Click and Drag: Click and drag large charts left/right and up/down while in chart view/edit mode. This is a major convenience for large charts that don’t fit on the view-able screen, rather than using scroll bars.
  • Event Sorting: NEW “Sort By” button now available on Vertical Flag, Chronology and Gantt charts, plus the Timeline Data view. You can sort by any field as well as choose original event list order, ascending or descending.
  • Save as TLM Zip File: Replaces “Save as TLM Viewer File” and as the name implies it conveniently puts your timeline file and all external linked files (i.e. attachments) into one Zip file for sharing with others, including those who use Timeline Maker Viewer. (Visual)
  • Date Format: Long month with long year was missing from our extensive list of date formats. e.g. Now you can enter “February 2018”.
  • Partial Dates: You are no longer required to enter a year with your date, however, Timeline Maker Pro will assume it is the current year when placing the event on a timeline chart.
  • Times with No Date: You can now enter a time of day with no date for Start and/or End.
  • Solid Flag Shape: Simple but effective, it looks great on both the horizontal and vertical flag charts.
  • Turn on/off Timescale Labels: NEW check boxes on Timescale menu allowing the user to show or not show inner and/or outer labels on their timescale.
  • Miscellaneous:
    • “Send To” menu label has been renamed to “Share” incorporating existing Send To and Save As options, plus new TLM Zip File option
    • “New Chart” button added to the Home menu. Just another way to conveniently create a new timeline chart
    • Default name for a chart has been changed from “Title” to “Untitled” which is a more standard way of reminding you to give your chart a more descriptive name/title
    • Date picker tool has been removed from Start and End fields to facilitate natural language style date entry. Many users were confused thinking they had to select a date from the date picker only, which has never been the case
    • “Page Breaks” has been renamed to “Show Pages” on the Chart menu
    • Show Pages (i.e. page border lines) is now turned off by default. You can turn the imaginary page lines on at any time by clicking the Show Pages check box on the Chart menu
    • Timeline breaks are no longer automatically inserted when you first create a Flag chart
    • Minor tic marks on the timescale are now turned off by default when chart is first created
    • Timeline Maker Pro now remembers your chart position when switching between different chart views
    • Shadow outline feature on certain “flag” events are now rendered correctly in all cases (bug fix)
    • Shadows on Gantt chart are now saved to theme file (bug fix)

Update Type: FREE Update for all licensed users of Timeline Maker Pro v4. Those with an older version 2 or 3 will need to upgrade to version 4.

Timeline Maker v4.2 – Release Notes

Release Date: Aug 4, 2017

  • NEW Vertical Timeline is a top-down flag chart best for showcasing the sequence of events in your timeline. Events are shown from oldest to newest (or newest to oldest) equally spaced for easy viewing. You can move (drag & drop) event flags from one side to the other, stretch the timescale, resize boxes, apply themes with all the editing options of the other charts. This style of chart typically uses less space than traditional timeline charts which can make it ideal for printing, publishing or presenting.
    Vertical Timeline
  • NEW Elastic Timescale lets you click and drag the end (small black box) of the timescale to stretch and make your chart longer or shorter. Your timescale labels will automatically adjust as well as your event spacing. This is a very handy alternative to using the Expand & Compress buttons on the Timescale menu. Best of all, this new feature also works on the Bar, Flag and Gantt charts!Timescale Stretch

Update Type: FREE Update for all licensed users of Timeline Maker Pro v4. Those with an older version 2 or 3 will need to upgrade to version 4.

Timeline Maker v4.1 – Release Notes

Release Date: May 31, 2017

  • NEW Send To menu organizes all sharing options on one easy to use menu.
    Send To Menu
  • NEW Send To PowerPoint automatically adds your timeline to any PowerPoint presentation. You have the choice between a Chart Image or an Interactive Timeline with step-though, pop-up info display and scrolling enabled when presenting your timeline in PowerPoint.
  • NEW Category Colors button lets you select from any theme color, standard color or the color palette. With one click, all events for that category will assign this new color and your chart legend will be updated automatically. Plus, your category colors will be saved with your custom theme so you can reuse on other timeline charts.Category Colors
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Renamed Event List (aka Task List) to “Timeline Data”
    • Renamed Linked Files to “Attachments”
    • File > Share > Email has been moved to new Send To menu
    • Always use the Default Theme when creating a new Timeline Chart
    • Improved shadow graphic option for new milestone shapes
    • Addressed column width issues (too wide in some cases) with Gantt Chart and Chronology Report
    • Improved Excel style copy/paste for multiple rows of Timeline Data
    • Correct calculation of duration for events that span BC – AD dates
    • Fixed MS Project import issue when importing a project file with multiple tables

Update Type: FREE Update for all licensed users of Timeline Maker Pro v4. Those with an older version 2 or 3 will need to upgrade to version 4.

Timeline Maker v4.0 – Release Notes

Release Date: January 19, 2017

  • Improved GUI:
    • New Welcome Menu with most common options for Creating a Timeline, or Opening an existing timeline file.
    • Three new menu tabs – Chart, Timescale and Themes. These new menus better organize your most commonly used functions in one logical place. i.e. easier to find and always available.
    • Enhanced right click menus on most chart elements as well as event entry, giving you quick access to most important function.
  • New Timescale menu with all the functions you need to change and manage your timescale in one easy to find menu including an updated timescale selector for all the different timescale types.
  • New Theme Manager providing easy preview of any theme plus the ability to add, remove, create and share new themes in your new Theme List.
  • New Theme Creation Wizard that allows you to easily capture the style elements of any chart you make, and save to a theme file with a name that you choose. This new theme will automatically be added your theme list so you can re-use at any time, plus the Share option allows you to share the same theme with other Timeline Maker Pro users.
  • New Theme Library allows you to browse, download and auto-install new themes as they are added to the Timeline Maker Pro web site – see
  • New option for importing MS Project files (*.mpp) with the enhanced Import Wizard.
  • New Zoom Controls in bottom right corner of the screen, familiar to MS Office users.
  • New Sort by ID allows you to assign an identifier (ID) to the events in your timeline. For example, you can now add a line or sequence number which can be used to easily control the order of events on your Bar and Gantt timeline charts.
  • Data Entry (Event List, Task List)
    • Enhanced table entry controls function more like a spreadsheet
    • New ID column (optional display) as mentioned above
    • Enhanced controls for user defined columns including hide, delete, rename, move, insert before, and insert after
    • Streamlined date entry – Duration will now show in red if the End date/time occurs before the Start date/time
  • All Charts
    • Enhanced rendering engine for even sharper graphics and text at all sizes
    • New option to show page breaks on your chart
    • Page layout options can now be set for individual charts in your file (see Chart menu)
    • Simplified style selector with ability to drag and drop styles onto chart elements
    • Expanded list of options which can be set separately for each chart
  • Bar Chart
    • New milestone symbols for single date events/tasks
    • New option to turn off (hide) the bottom timescale
  • Flag Chart
    • Enhanced Auto Arrange algorithm with new option to maintain the relative size of individual flags (i.e. boxes) on your chart.
    • New connectors styles with simpler selection tool
  • Gantt Chart (aka Project Chart)
    • New milestone symbols for single date events/tasks
    • New Auto Arrange option lets you sort the events on your chart using any column
    • New option to show Row Numbers in the table
  • Chronology Report
    • Page numbers are now included
    • New right click option to show/hide specific columns in the report
  • Online Help Manual
    • Updated on the web site and available on the Help menu
  • Check for Updates
    • New function to automatically check and inform you when new updates are available. This check can be turned off in File, Options.

Update Type: PAID Upgrade for all licensed users of Timeline Maker Pro (versions 2.x and 3.x).