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I am in law enforcement and we use Timeline Maker on big cases which involve several defendants. Also we use it on big cases with lots of dates or data to help explain the case to the C/A office. We sampled several timeline software programs and Timeline Maker was hands down the best program available. It’s ease of use for entering data is simple and saves hours from how we use to create timelines. The charts are great and easy to understand. The final plus is the cost of the program makes it very affordable for any law enforcement agency to purchase and use.

Ron K.
Detective, Billings Police Dept.

I use Timeline Maker to graphically represent the sequence of events in criminal investigations. I have found that prosecutors and juries are riveted by seeing the events of a crime shown in chronological order especially when pictures are added. Timeline Maker is an excellent product that is very easy to use. I have found that it is a good tool for recorded long-term professional activities such as training files, employee hire dates, and graphical resumes.

I was hired for my current job in large part due to my graphical resume created with Timeline Maker. I found that Timeline Maker allowed me to show my career in law enforcement as well as my over-lapping career in the military reserve. Overlapping experience is difficult to show and often confusing when listed on a traditional resume.

Special Agent Jon C.
Special Victims Unit, South Carolina Law Enforcement Division

I use Timeline Maker to show ‘waterfall’ schedules for reliability test plans and status of testing reports. I use it more often than ‘monthly’, depending on the projects in my schedule. I have used Timeline Maker in previous jobs since ~3+ years ago. I like Timeline Maker’s ease of use, intuitive program and the fact that I can save a schedule/graph as a jpg file. It makes it easy to import into MS Word. Color coding is nice to highlight critical tasks.

Don D.
Reliability Engineer, 3M Software, Electrical and Mechanical Systems

I manage the IT organization and a lot of our work is project driven so I leverage the tool to allow people to visualize all the projects that may be going on at once. Everyone who has seen me use the tool talks about how it is a nice application.

Ingra C.
IT Manager, Texas Instruments

We use Timeline Maker to create charts and graphs for our strategic planning. It makes it possible for us to have a visual image of our past, present and project states to compare. The accessibility is great – we find it easy to begin and then move the data to more advanced representations.

Betty B.
Director SocioTechnical Systems Program, University of Illinois

Timeline Maker is like Manna from Heaven in putting together events so as to fully comprehend the ebb-and-flow of the importance and the relation of individual events. I am an investigative writer working on two major book-length investigative projects involving many individual legal and legislative actions. Timeline Maker is one of three software programs that provide me as a solo writer to undertake major investigative projects and to develop them as if I had a complete office with several assistants.

Charles H.
Investigative Writer

When I was tasked to create a timeline for our organization’s centennial celebration, I scoured the Internet, looking for the easiest and best-looking timeline software (at first, I was only to do the research and someone else was going to create it). Timeline Maker had the best product for what I wanted to do: insert/import lots of text and have it create the timeline for me. Other products would have had me created each box/object myself – no way!

Because of my job as a technology trainer, I’m constantly trying out new programs for our teachers and my co-workers. This program has an easy learning curve that could be easily taught to even novice users.

Cynthia L.
Training Manager, Learning Technologies Department of the Imperial County Office of Education, El Centro, CA

The chief benefit, as I see it, is the ease of use of the program. I was able to put it to work right out of the box, if you will, as so many other programs suggest you should be able to do but frequently fail in the execution.

Donald R.
Retired Speech Pathologist

Timeline Maker is the best tool I have to share a common perspective about the scope and duration of an issue that needs discussion. To describe my perspective simply in narrative, invariably leaves too much to interpretation. A chronological time line with Timeline Maker is the best way to have everyone start with the same set of facts and assumptions for productive discussions. It is easy. Lot’s of tools can provide charts and time lines, but no tool makes it as easy and communicative as Timeline Maker.

John M.
IT Director, Translogistics Inc

I am responsible for the delivery of web based cash management solutions in a corporate and investment bank. My specific challenge is to summarize and present the details from individual project and product managers to business executives. In addition to this it is sometimes also necessary to show the overall project integration picture to the development teams without getting stuck in the details.

For years I have been using Visio to draw timelines almost exactly the way the Timeline Maker does it. Bottom line – it takes too long to create or update. I like the simplicity of Timeline Maker. I can show someone how to use it in less than 5 minutes. Entry is fast – I create schedules while we are in a meeting and change it in real time – no more capturing from the white board after the meeting. The presentation capability is perfect – you can create various views off the same data, use colors to highlight your message and print or present the result with the press of a button.

Karl F.
Programme Integration Manager, Standard Bank Corporate and Investment Banking

Timeline Maker is an excellent product. It is a wonderful tool that displays how events flow and are linked together. I am a forensic psychiatrist. I use Timeline Maker to display on a website, the progress of meetings and reports, to those who purchase my services. I also display my current availability, and workload. This gives purchasers a degree of control and saves both of us time with telephone enquiries. My web-based timeline produced by Timeline Maker provides excellent communication, planning and customer satisfaction. Timeline Maker provides a true sense of control, organization and quality to my services. The volume of my work has increased but so too has my efficiency. So, I’m enjoying even greater success. Thanks a bunch to Timeline Maker.

Timeline maker is dead easy to use. The software is intuitive. You can learn it simply by playing with it. It is great value for money.

Russell L.
Director, PsiKey Services Ltd.

Best and nicest looking gantt chart type solution I’ve found. I’ve recommended it to my team members.

Stewart G.
Director, Project Management, Oracle U.S.A.

I use Timeline Maker primarily to enhance my Excel data to make it ‘understandable’ because it makes timelines so much easier to follow than the run of the mill spreadsheet and other timeline programs. I also use MS Project Pro 2007 and have found Timeline Maker easier to get up and running on…

Vilnis O.
Project Engineer, KDC Pty Ltd

The options for making presentations and slides are ‘VP friendly’. It’s the main reason we got the program.

James L.
Baxter Healthcare

This software is extremely easy to use – I was up and running pretty much as soon as I started it.

Rich M.

It is visual and helps to show the relationship of sub-contractors to each other. It is also hands-on and can be discussed at many locations.

Richard D.

It is a wonderful tool to help students see events in a “time” perspective. It also helps me as a teacher organize material. We can also examine other issues occurring at the same time. I teach classes in Psychology and History of Science, sometimes we forget that events outside the discipline change what is going on in the discipline.

Karl K.

It provides me with the tools to develop synchronization matrices for military exercises. Excellent tool.

John P.