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Timeline Maker Pro: The Most Interactive Software Available

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Timeline Maker Pro isn’t just the most user-friendly timeline making software available on the market today—it’s also the most interactive and engaging. When giving an important presentation, the most important thing is to keep your audience interested and focused. With Timeline Maker Pro, you can create an interactive and visually appealing timeline presentation faster and more conveniently than ever. Here are just a few of the advantages of using Timeline Maker Pro for your next timeline presentation.

Dynamic and Versatile Presentations

Timeline Maker Pro offers a number of different presentation features, including a built-in presentation mode. This setting allows you to display your timeline in an interesting and dynamic way, rather than just a simple static image. With a number of formatting options, including relative time and date display options and customizable timescale options, you can display any timeline information you need to convey in a simple, straightforward and engaging manner. Timeline Maker Pro can help keep your timeline presentations captivating and easy-to-follow, making your business meetings more productive and engaging for everyone.

Software Compatibility

One of the most exciting features of Timeline Maker Pro is its compatibility with other presentation software. Timeline Maker Pro is completely compatible with PowerPoint, so you can present your timeline through PowerPoint as well as the software’s built-in presentation mode. Timeline Maker Pro has the following compatibility features with PowerPoint:

  • Special controls that allow users to present a timeline with larger dimensions that a regular PowerPoint slide.
  • Automatic “step-through” function which allows users to view a timeline one event at a time without creating a PowerPoint animation.
  • Ability to link external files such as PDFs, audio files, and videos into your timeline which can be viewed during your presentation without having to exit PowerPoint.
  • Hovering pop-up bubbles which allow you to display additional event data not included in your original timeline.

Along with these features, Timeline Maker Pro ensures that the integrity of the chart content and format is preserved when it transfers over to PowerPoint. Any changes that you make to your timeline in Timeline Maker Pro will be automatically reflected in your PowerPoint presentation as well. These adaptability features makes Timeline Maker the ideal choice for an engaging and interactive presentation experience.

Don’t waste your time with administrative tools that don’t work with your current office software. With Timeline Maker Pro, you can create a dynamic and visually appealing timeline that is easily compatible with common presentation platforms such as PowerPoint. For more information about this innovative new software and to order Timeline Maker Pro for your office or business, contact us today.



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