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Upgrade to Timeline Maker Pro v4 Today

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Progeny Software is pleased to announce the launch of Timeline Maker Pro Version 4. Based on user feedback, we have improved upon Timeline Maker Pro’s software and added a number of new and innovative features to enhance your experience with the program. With a variety of improvements and easy-to-use features, Timeline Maker Pro v4 continues to be the most trusted timeline software in industries across the globe including business and law enforcement. Here is some more information about the upgrades we’ve made to this latest version of Timeline Maker Pro.

New Special Features

Timeline Maker Pro v4 features a series of new and innovative features such as:

New Theme Management Tools which allow you to customize your timeline like never before. The new theme manager and creation wizard allow you to create, share, save and manage visually appealing timeline themes.

New Timescale Menu that places all of your timescale options within a single location so you can easily implement a timescale that best suits your data, whether it be years, quarters, months, days, or minutes.

New Import Tools for Native MS Project File which allows you to automatically import your *.mpp files through Timeline Maker Pro’s enhanced Import Wizard, so you can import data directly into your timeline without converting files.

New Sequencing Options that give you complete control over the order that events and tasks appear on your Bar and Gantt style charts.

These are just a few of the new features included in Timeline Maker Pro v4. Some of the other improvements we’ve made include enhanced graphics and text, improved event list control, and improved Auto-Arrange for flag charts.

Special Offer: Introductory Upgrade Price

At Progeny Software, user satisfaction comes first. That’s why we’re offering a software upgrade to Timeline Maker Pro v4 at a special price for a limited time. To learn more about all of the new features available on Timeline Maker Pro v4 and to take advantage of this special offer, click here. For more information about Timeline Maker Pro, contact us today!

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