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Our New Premium Support Plan

The Ultimate in Customer Care

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As a company we are always striving to better serve our customers and now we have taken the next logical step by developing a new Premium Support Plan. Subscribers to the Timeline Maker Premium Support program will receive the highest-level priority support at all times and have exclusive access to a dedicated toll-free support number. This will guarantee that you always receive the quickest response possible to your questions.

Also, Premium Support subscribers will be entitled to FREE software upgrades, including the upcoming version 3.0 in the fall. We want to ensure that you never have to worry about keeping your Timeline Maker software current. With free upgrades, your software will always be up to date, secure and compatible with new operating systems and devices.

Premium Support protects your software investment by providing technical support and all related product upgrades for an annual price. Equivalent to many company’s top-tier support programs, Premium Support makes it easy for organizations to keep their Timeline Maker solutions up to date.

Special Offer

If you are currently a user of Timeline Maker we are pleased to offer you special savings on the new Premium Support program. Until July 20th, 2014, a subscription is far less than the price of the version 3.0 upgrade, so why not buy now and save twice!

Learn more about the Timeline Maker Premium Support Plan

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