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Why Timeline Maker Pro is Preferable Over Web-Based Timeline Programs

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You may have encountered web-based timeline programs that can help you build the timelines you need. These tools may seem like a helpful way to build visual timelines, but they are often less versatile and adaptable than their desktop counterparts and they can also lead to serious issues of digital security. Here are just a few of the reasons why Timeline Maker Pro is a better and more reliable visual timeline making tool than online timeline tools.

More Adaptability

Web-based programs may offer a number of interesting design and formatting features, but many timeline makers you find online are not compatible with other programs such as PowerPoint or Excel. Timeline Maker Pro allows you to build the timeline you want with a number of customization tools. Then, you can display your timeline using PowerPoint without having to make any modifications, or you can download your timeline into Word documents or Excel files. Unlike many web-based programs, Timeline Maker Pro allows you to save your projects in a range of formats, including PDF, HTML or JPG.

More Security

Besides more adaptive capabilities, Timeline Maker Pro offer better security than web-based timeline platforms, which is especially important for people who are compiling timeline containing sensitive information such as law enforcement specialists. Timeline Maker Pro is a software program that doesn’t rely on an online cloud service to store your information—all of your timeline data is kept strictly on your computer unless you choose to upload that information on to the internet. The security and protection of Timeline Maker Pro makes it the preferable alternative to web-based timeline creation programs.

Get the efficient, easy-to-follow and adaptable visual timelines you need without risking your security with the innovative software of Timeline Maker Pro. For more information our secure and easy-to-use timeline creation software for business, contact us today.

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