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Timeline Software – The Fastest Way to Create a Timeline

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In most industries today, time is of the essence. Wasting time with ineffective or hard-to-use software can be a significant setback. Timeline Maker Pro is the fastest and most user-friendly timeline software on the market today. Don’t struggle trying to make digital timelines using programs that aren’t built for that function. With Timeline Maker Pro, you can create a customized and easy-to-follow timeline in no time at all. Here are just a few of the ways that Timeline Maker Pro’s fast and user-friendly technology can be utilized in a variety of fields.

Timeline Maker Pro in the Business World

In the business world, success is often measured by productivity. The faster and easier your tools are to use, the more productive you’ll be in the workplace and the more time your company will have to innovate and improve. Using the wrong software to make timelines for business proposals, project plans and presentations at meetings can take up a lot of unnecessary time, and all too often they look crude or don’t get done at all. With Timeline Maker Pro, you can make visually appealing, organized and easy-to-follow timelines and Gantt charts without wasting your time or energy on the wrong software. Optimize your time and create great looking visuals with the simple and innovative software of Timeline Maker Pro.

Timeline Maker Pro in Law Enforcement and Criminal Investigation

During a criminal investigation, every second counts. It’s important not to let administrative or technical difficulties delay the progress of the case. Putting together a timeline to organize your investigation shouldn’t distract from the critical task at hand. Timeline Maker Pro is user-friendly and easy-to-follow, so you won’t get lost trying to navigate its features. This will make it easier and faster for you to create a clear and well laid-out timeline to help structure your investigation. Timeline Maker Pro is here to help organize your criminal investigation work with its sophisticated yet user-friendly software.

Progeny Software and the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

Progeny has been a long time sponsor for the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) in Alexandria, Virginia. They chose Timeline Maker because it is easy to use and helps them get a very important job done: conducting time sensitive investigations to find missing children. Below are some testimonials regarding their use of Timeline Maker Pro:

“Our staff is very happy with the new version. One of our Team Adam consultants asked me to thank you on his behalf as well and pass along to you that he feels strongly about the value of this as a tool for case work. They use it frequently and recommend to Law Enforcement whenever they can.”

“We continue to use Timeline Maker Professional daily and it is a valuable resource for us. In addition to Team Adam, our Case Analysis Unit, Child Sex Trafficking Team, Sex Offender Tracking Team and Missing Children Division use timelines regularly in their work. In cases of missing and exploited children timelines are often essential in helping to chart progress on a case, searches, phone calls and other information such as known locations or travel.”

Technological advancements are making it easier and faster to complete projects that used to take a long time. Use Timeline Maker Pro for quick visual timelines that you can customize to suit your needs. For more information about this innovative timeline software, contact us today.

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