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Timeline Maker - More Than Office Timelines

Timeline Maker Does More Than Just Office Timelines

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Microsoft Office is an incredibly popular suite of products. In fact, it has been estimated that Office products are used by more than 1 billion people worldwide. And for many of these users, products like PowerPoint, are an essential part of their job.

That is why so many products put an emphasis on integrating with Microsoft Office, Timeline Maker included. We have placed a significant amount of development effort on making sure that Timeline Maker integrates with PowerPoint seamlessly. But to many of our customers, those who use PowerPoint and other Office tools, it was important that Timeline Maker didn’t just integrate, but also saved time and created new capabilities within PowerPoint.

Timeline Maker PowerPoint Add-in

Through the development of the Timeline Maker PowerPoint add-in, we have done just that. You are able to create a timeline visual within Timeline Maker, without the limitations of PowerPoint, such as slide size or number of events. Then add the timeline to any PowerPoint presentation using the Timeline Maker Add-in. Timeline Maker gives you superior command over how you present your timelines within PowerPoint using interactive controls like step-through and zoom.

More Than Just Office Timelines

But despite their popularity, we have recognized that not all timeline creators are users of PowerPoint or other Office tools, and there are a number of reasons why you would want a standalone software product. If a user wants to build a timeline without being dependent on having Office products, they can do that with Timeline Maker. You can present the timeline using the built-in Timeline Maker Presentation Tool, without the need for PowerPoint. As well, being a standalone product allows us to avoid some of the restrictions of Office products. You can create a timeline with thousands of events, without being limited by page or slide size. That is why we are proud to say that Timeline Maker is more than just office timelines.

For more information, we have done the comparison for you. View a feature-by-feature comparison of Timeline Maker versus a popular add-in for PowerPoint. Also, be sure to try Timeline Maker for yourself by downloading the software free for 7 days.

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