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Add Supplemental Information to Your Timeline with Timeline Maker Pro

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Timeline Maker Pro is the most innovative timeline making software available on the market today. This easy-to-use program has been implemented with great success in a variety of professional fields including law enforcement, education, and business.

One of the best features of Timeline Maker Pro is its interoperability with other software programs, so you can include external documents and files in your timeline more conveniently than ever. External, visual, video and audio files can add supplementary information to your timeline that makes it more complete and easier to understand. Other timeline software programs don’t allow you to add external documents to your timeline, or the process for doing so is needlessly complicated. With Timeline Maker Pro’s simple “browse and link” capability, you can easily link external documents and files into your timeline faster than ever before. Here are just a few of the benefits of linking external documents into your visual timeline.

Increase the Value of Your Timeline

Adding supplemental material to your timeline increases its value by making it more comprehensive and complete. Linking to video footage, visual aids, text supplements, or audio clips can help give your audience a better understanding of the picture your timeline is trying to convey. By taking a multimedia approach to visual timelines, Timeline Maker Pro gives you the tools needed to make an engaging and memorable timeline.

Save Time with Seamless Integration

Timeline Maker Pro allows you to link videos, audio files, text documents, JPGs and PDFs directly into your timeline, which not only speeds up the process of creating your timeline but also makes it easier and more seamless to display. Instead of struggling to switch interfaces during a presentation, Timeline Maker Pro allows you to display all external files in a single presentation. Timeline creation and presentations have never been easier with this highly adaptable software.

With simple and easy-to-use tools and features, Timeline Maker Pro allows you to create seamless and engaging timelines faster and more conveniently than ever. For more information about all of the innovative features available from Timeline Maker Pro, contact us today!

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