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World Cup Champions Timeline

1930-2010 - The World's Most Viewed Sporting Event

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The World Cup is the most widely viewed sporting event in the world. This amounts to an incredible amount of people watching every goal, all the drama and heartbreak, and of course the incredible victories. To celebrate this event, we have created a timeline of the past World Cup champions. You can also find below, the World Cup Champions Timeline in chronological form.

World Cup Champions Chronology

Event Date
Uruguay defeats Argentina, 4-2 in Montevideo, Uruguay 1930
Italy defeats Czechoslovakia, 2-1 in Rome, Italy 1934
Italy defeats Hungary, 4-2 in Paris, France 1938
Uruguay defeats Brazil, 2-1 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 1950
West Germany defeats Hungary, 3-2 in Bern Switzerland 1954
Brazil defeats Sweden, 5-2 in Stockholm Sweden 1958
Brazil defeats Czechoslovakia, 3-1 in Santiago, Chile 1962
England defeats West Germany, 4-2 in London, England 1966
Brazil defeats Italy, 4-1 in Mexico City, Mexico 1970
West Germany defeats Netherlands, 2-1 in Munich, Germany 1974
Argentina defeats Netherlands, 3-1 in Buenos Aires, Argentina 1978
Italy defeats West Germany, 3-1 in Madrid, Spain 1982
Argentina defeats West Germany, 3-2 in Mexico City, Mexico 1986
West Germany defeats Argentina, 1-0 in Rome, Italy 1990
Brazil defeats Italy, 0-0 in Pasadena, California 1994
France defeats Brazil, 3-0 in Saint-Denis, France 1998
Brazil defeats Germany, 2-0 in Korea/Japan 2002
Italy defeats France, 5-3 in Germany 2006
Spain defeats Netherlands, 1-0 in South Africa 2010

FIFA World Cup Facts

A small pool of champions
As you can see in the World Cup Champions timeline, there have only been a few countries who have actually won the World Cup. Despite 2014 being the 20th World Cup, there have only been 8 different countries win.

Huge Viewership
FIFA’s research expects this World Cup to break previous viewership records. The previous World Cup had 3.2 billion total viewers throughout the entire event. With this year’s World Cup expected to be even higher, it will be the most viewed TV event in history.

The Best of the Worst
Scotland, despite qualifying for eight World Cups, is the most heart-breaking team in the tournaments history. They were eliminated in the first round in each of their eight appearances. If Scotland is the most heart-breaking nation, Mexico may be a close second. They have lost the most matches in tournament history with 22 total loses. And when talking about the saddest World Cup stories, we can’t ignore South Africa. In 2010, South Africa made history by being the first host nation to be eliminated in the first round of elimination play.

The Best of the Best
Brazil is the winningest nation, having won five World Cup titles. Brazil is also the only team to qualify for every World Cup. But despite being the winningest nation, they no longer hold the individual goal record. Previously held by Ronaldo, with 15 goals, Miroslav Klose scored his 16th goal in the 2014 World Cup.

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