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The Tacky Timeline of Weird Al Yankovic

1959 - 2014 - From Dr. Demento to 'Tacky'

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It took ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic 38 years, 3 grammies, 11 grammy nominations, 12 million+ albums sold, 1,000+ live shows, 150 parody songs and 23 albums (including greatest hits and collaborations), but he finally made it. Congratulations to ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic on his first Billboard #1 album. We celebrate the musical career of history’s greatest parody musician with the following timeline of ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic.

‘Weird Al’ Yankovic Chronology

Alfred Matthew ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic is born.October 23, 1959
First accordion lesson.October 22, 1966
Dr. Demento speaks at Al’s School.1973
First live appearance on Dr. Demento.March 14, 1976
Records first single “My Bologna”.1979
Signs with Scotti Bros. Records.1982
Released Album: ‘Weird Al’ YankovicApril 26, 1983
Released Album: In 3-DFebruary 28, 1984
Released Album: Dare to be StupidJune 18, 1985
Released Album: Polka Party!October 21, 1986
Released Album: Even WorseApril 12, 1988
Released Album: Peter and the WolfOctober 4, 1988
Released Album: ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic’s Greatest HitsOctober 18, 1988
Released Album: UHF Original Motion Picture SoundtrackJuly 18, 1989
Released Album: Babalu Music!October 22, 1991
Released Album: Off the Deep EndApril 14, 1992
Released Album: The Food AlbumJune 22, 1993
Released Album: AlapaloozaOctober 5, 1993
Released Album: Permanent Record – Al in the BoxSeptember 27, 1994
Released Album: ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic’s Greatest Hits Volume IIOctober 25, 1994
Released Album: The TV AlbumNovember 7, 1995
Released Album: Bad Hair DayMarch 12, 1996
Released Album: Running with ScissorsJune 29, 1999
Released Album: Poodle HatMay 20, 2003
Released Album: Straight Outta LynwoodSeptember 26, 2006
Released Album: The Essential ‘Weird Al’ YankovicOctober 27, 2009
Released Album: The Essential ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic 3.0August 31, 2010
Released Album: AlpocalypseJune 21, 2011
Released Album: Mandatory FunJuly 15, 2014

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