Upgrade to Timeline Maker Pro v4.5

To purchase, fill out the billing information below and proceed to checkout. After completing your purchase you will receive a new serial number to use with Timeline Maker Pro v4.5 which allows you to upgrade users.

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Upgrade Step by Step

  1. Complete the purchase of your upgrade by filling out your billing information.
  2. Following the purchase, you will receive an email to the address provided during checkout. This email contains your new serial number and download instructions for Timeline Maker Pro v4.5. Follow the instructions contained in the email and then install the program.
  3. Enter your new serial number when prompted and follow the activation instructions.

Timeline Maker Pro v4.5 will not overwrite your existing installation of Timeline Maker Pro. This allows you to verify that v4.5 has been installed and you have upgraded successfully prior to removing older versions of Timeline Maker Pro.