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Timeline Maker Pro – v4.0.85

Timeline Maker v4.0.85 – Release Notes

  • Various Bug Fixes Including:
    • File associations for Timeline Maker Pro version 3 file were lost after upgrading to version 4
    • Moving bars on a bar chart when auto-arranged in compact format caused other bars to move
    • Ribbon bar minimize behavior was inconsistent for some users
    • Duplicate theme names would appear on theme list when saving to an existing name (i.e. over-write situation)
    • Special fields from older *.tlmp files not mapping properly in the Import Wizard
    • Import Wizard displaying “Invalid Import Parameter” when importing certain MS Project (*.mpp) files.

Update Type: FREE update for all licensed users of Timeline Maker Pro v4 (versions 2 and 3 will need to upgrade to v4).