By default, Timeline Maker Pro will automatically center a vertical bar in the horizontal middle of the page, which acts as an anchor for the events in your chart. Events are then placed in boxes (called flags) on both sides of the bar in chronological order and are optimally spaced so that no event overlaps. Events may be moved from one side of the vertical bar, as well as sorted in ascending or descending order, but may not be manually shuffled out of chronological order. Events can also sorted by other event information, including event name, duration, category, Event List Order, and so on.

To move events on the timeline chart:

  1. Select the event(s) you wish to move.
  2. While holding the left mouse button, drag the event(s) to the desired position on the chart.

Tip: If, after making changes to the timeline chart, you wish to return to the default layout, you can do so by clicking the Auto Arrange button, found in the Chart tab, Chart group. When using Auto Arrange, you can choose Maintain Flag Size so that any changes you’ve made to the flag size is preserved. Alternatively, you can select Reset Flag Size to return the chart to its original flag size and layout state.

To sort events in ascending or descending order:

  1. While viewing the chart, click the Auto Arrange button in the Chart tab, Chart group.
  2. If you wish to sort the events from oldest to most recent, select either Maintain Flag Size or Reset Flag Size Under Ascending.
  3. If you wish to sort the events from most recent to oldest, select either Maintain Flag Size or Reset Flag Size Under Descending.

To sort events by options other than date:

  • In the Chart tab, Chart group, click the Sort By button. Choose the option you wish to sort by from the drop down menu.

Tip: Events may be sorted by any of the data included in the columns of the Timeline Data tab.

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