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Timeline Maker Pro v4.5

This new version of Timeline Maker Pro includes a number of fixes and improvements. To read more about what is included in this release, please see the release notes below.

How to Update

Product updates are complete installations, they are not partial patches. You do not need to uninstall any previous versions of Timeline Maker Pro. Simply download and install this new version into the same folder as your existing program. All of your timeline data, user options and license information will be preserved.

  1. Use the “Download Now” button to the right to download this new version of Timeline Maker Pro.
  2. Open the installation file (.exe) that you downloaded and follow the instructions.

This update requires a registered copy of Timeline Maker Pro v4. Once your installation is complete, you can verify this update has been successfully installed by confirming the version number on the Help, About screen. It should match the version number at the top of this page.

Free Update

To install the latest version of Timeline Maker Pro, click the “Download Now” button below.

  • Version Number: 4.2.39
  • File Name: TimelineMakerPro_4-2-39_Install.exe
  • Release Date: September 25, 2017
  • Size: 25 mb