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Timeline Maker Pro – An Integrative Approach to Presentation Software

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Timeline Maker Pro is one of the premier tools for creating a comprehensive digital timeline quickly, easily and effectively. But this innovative software isn’t just a stand-alone program,Timeline Maker Pro can be easily integrate with your other office software tools so you can create the most comprehensive documents possible.

Timeline Maker Pro is often used in a number of professional industries including law enforcement and business, where its user-friendliness and compatibility with other software make it a highly sought after timeline solution. In addition to powerful PowerPoint integration, here are just a few of the ways that Timeline Maker Pro’s integrative tools can help you create more dynamic and easy-to-follow presentations.

Include Your Timeline in Other Documents

One of the best features of Timeline Maker Pro is that the charts you create don’t have to stay confined to the program. You can save and export your charts as a number of common graphic files types (.jpg, .gif, .bmp, .png) and copy and paste into the document or program of your choice. Once you’ve added your chart into the desired program, you can resize your timeline as needed so it’s as clear and visually appealing as possible.

Publish Your Timeline in A Way That Works For You

Timeline Maker Pro offers a number of different publishing and export options so you can save your timeline and all related data in whatever way works best for you. Convert your timeline charts into HTML or PDF format for easy and convenient sharing. You can also export all event data from your timeline into a text file for convenient backup for your security and for future reference. The number of different publishing options makes Timeline Maker Pro the best way to store and share your timeline data.

Instead of using multiple programs that don’t correspond with one another to create your timelines, why not use one easy-to-use and integrative software? Timeline Maker Pro allows you to build comprehensive and easy-to-use timelines and charts, and then share and store this information easily and conveniently. For more information about this innovative software and how it can help you create beautiful, easy-to-follow timelines tailored to your needs, contact us today!

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