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Present Your Timeline with Timeline Maker

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We’ve got two great options to present your timeline with Timeline Maker Professional. One method is to use the built-in timeline presentation tool or you can actually use the PowerPoint integration to present your timeline in PowerPoint.

First we will review how the built-in presentation tool works.

Built-in Timeline Presentation Mode

Once you have a chart completed and are ready to present, click on F5 or the Presentation icon and you will be in full-screen presentation mode. You can also select Chart > Presentation from the Timeline Maker menu.
Timeline Presentation - Built-in Presentation Mode

While in presentation mode you will be able to see the timeline presentation toolbar at the bottom. The timeline presentation toolbar has all of the interactive presentation controls. You can step through your timeline one event at a time by using the arrow controls. You can actually zoom in and zoom out by using the plus and minus controls. It’s an animated timeline and Timeline Maker you full control of how you present your timeline.
Timeline Presentation - 02 - Timeline Presentation Toolbar

Presenting Your Timeline in PowerPoint

A second option is to include any timeline chart in your PowerPoint presentation. It’s as simple as selecting Timeline Maker on the PowerPoint menu.
Timeline Presentation - Adding Interactive Timelines in PowerPoint

Simply select Insert Interactive Timeline, then browse and select your timeline file to insert the timeline onto your PowerPoint presentation’s current slide. If your Timeline Maker file has multiple timeline charts in it, you can actually choose which chart from that file you want to include, and with one click, your have a timeline in PowerPoint, ready for your presentation.
Timeline Presentation - 04 - Select Timeline for Presentation

When you enter presentation mode in PowerPoint, you will see that we are presenting the same timeline in PowerPoint as in the built-in timeline presentation tool. You get all of the same interactive controls, including zoom, scroll and step-through as in Timeline Maker but this time we are actually doing it all within PowerPoint. You get the complete timeline presentation functionality in PowerPoint, just as if you were doing it within the Timeline Maker application itself.
Timeline Presentation - Presenting Timeline in PowerPoint

Try Presenting Your Own Timeline

We have always found, the best way to learn is by doing. That is why we offer a free trial of Timeline Maker Professional. Download the free trial here and get started making and presenting your own timelines.

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