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How to Stay Up-to-Date on Timeline Maker News

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As the version 3.0 release date gets closer, we will be sharing more and more information. This includes new features, screen shots, images of new charts and more. We will be publishing all of the Timeline Maker news either on our website or through our social accounts. It is easy to stay up to date by using the following methods:

  • Subscribe to the blog via email. On the right hand side of this page is a subscribe feature. Enter your email to receive the blog articles including update news, tips and techniques and more in your inbox as soon as they are posted.
  • Become a Facebook Fan. If you prefer, you can also follow us on Facebook. We update frequently with any news and will also respond to any inquiries.
  • Follow us on Twitter. We also have a Twitter account which we update daily. This includes many tips and tricks, answers to Frequently Asked Questions and Timeline Maker news.

In addition to following us on social media, if you have any questions or concerns, you can also use our customer support portal. We have a knowledge base available for all of our users that is continuously updated with Frequently Asked Questions, Solutions and a Getting Started with Timeline Maker guide. If after reviewing these resources, you have additional questions; simply submit a ticket and our support team will respond promptly.

Premium Support Subscription

We are very pleased to let you know about our new Premium Support program. Not only do Premium Support subscribers get FREE upgrades, including the upcoming version 3.0 in the fall, but it is also the best way to stay connected with Timeline Maker. Premium Support subscribers get priority access to support personnel. This includes priority email with guaranteed response within 24 hours and priority toll-free phone support so you can get a response to your questions as soon as possible.

No matter what method you use, we look forward to hearing from you and are excited to share any upcoming Timeline Maker news, tips for using the program and more.

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