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New Release of Timeline Maker – v2.6.42

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We are happy to announce the release of version 2.6.42 of Timeline Maker Pro which is available as a free update to registered users. This new version allows users to enter dates as a two-digit number. Instead of entering 1970, you can now enter 70 and Timeline Maker will interpret this year based on the Windows rules for two-digit years. This is especially important for users of Timeline Maker who are used to entering dates in Excel, such as business users or financial planners. This new functionality allows those users to extend their date entry habits to Timeline Maker without any problems.

Windows 2 digit year rule

Timeline Maker now adheres to the Windows two-digit year rule for date entry. If you enter a two-digit year between 0 and 29, it will display a four-digit year in the 2000 year range. For example, entering 14 as the year, will be interpreted as 2014 by Timeline Maker. If you enter a two-digit year from 30-99, it will display a four-digit year in the 1900 year range. For example, entering the number 65 as the year will be interpreted and displayed as 1965 by the program.

Timeline Maker - Two-Digit Year Data Entry Example

For any dates outside of this range, you will need to enter the full four-digit year. Also, if you want to use BC, you need to enter BC in the date field. For example, the year 10 BC should be entered as 0010 BC.

How to Update your Timeline Maker Software

All users can update now to v2.6.42 at no charge. Simply download the program from our Timeline Maker download page and install the file.

To identify which version of the software you are currently using, select Help > About Timeline Maker Professional… from the Timeline Maker menu. A screen will be displayed showing the version number. If the number doesn’t match the current version (v2.6.42) then you may want to update.

For more information and release notes on Timeline Maker v2.6.42, please visit our What’s New page.

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