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The best software doesn’t require a lot of effort - it just works. If you have been struggling to create timeline charts manually or wrestling with ordinary office software like Excel, Visio or MS Project, then you will really appreciate how quickly and easily you can create timeline charts with Timeline Maker.

Learn why Timeline Maker is the choice of more business professionals, project planners and investigators than any other timeline software solution.

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Thousands of Companies are Already Using Timeline Maker
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How We Are Different

We believe in creating software that gives you all the features you need to create, present and share timelines. From start to finish, you will not find another timeline software that is as complete as Timeline Maker.

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Multiple Timeline Formats

Timeline Maker lets you build multiple timeline charts from one set of data. This means you only have to enter your event/task data once and then build as many different views of that data as you want. Choose between a Gantt chart timeline, Bar chart timeline, Flag chart timeline or a Chronology chart for the best way to display your timeline.

Multiple Chart Formats
Multiple Chart Formats Screen

Interactive Presentations

Timeline Maker Pro has a built-in full-screen presentation mode, plus it has seamless integration with PowerPoint®. The same step-through, zoom and scroll controls are available in both PowerPoint® and the built-in presentation mode.

Interactive Presentations
Presentation Screen

New Business Timescales

This new timescale option allows you to choose the measure of your timescale using common business timeframes such as years, quarters, months, weeks, days, minutes and seconds, in addition to the standard "auto-date".

Relative Timeline Icon
Business Timescale Screen

New "Relative" Date/Time Display Options

Ever wanted to see what is scheduled for the “1st month” of a project or what is planned for the “3rd quarter”, or even what happened in “week 2”? Now you can by selecting the new relative date option that displays your events and timescale in units of time relative to the beginning of your timeline e.g. week 1. This can be a very powerful way to present your timeline when you need an alternative to calendar dates.

Printing and Publishing Icon
Relative Timescale Screen

Easy Editing and Customization

We provide many built-in chart themes that you can choose from to get you started right away. But, beyond that, every element of your chart can also be changed with one click to guarantee that the chart you produce will be the exact style you want it to be.

Easy Editing and Customization
Easy Editing Screen

Simple Printing, Sharing and Publishing

Aside from our unique Package-for-sharing option, Timeline Maker also allows you to save your timeline chart in a range of formats including PDF, HTML, or graphic file (JPG, PNG, BMP, etc.).

Printing and Publishing Icon
Publishing Timeline Screen
See for yourself why Timeline Maker is the top choice for timelines:

“I manage the IT organization and a lot of our work is project driven so I leverage the tool to allow people to visualize all the projects that may be going on at once. Everyone who has seen me use the tool talks about how it is a nice application.”

Ingra C.
IT Manager, Texas Instruments

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