There's No Other Timeline Software Like Timeline Maker Pro.

If you've been struggling to create timeline charts manually or wrestling with ordinary office software like Excel, Visio or MS Project, then you will really appreciate how easy it can be to create great looking timeline charts like these with Timeline Maker.

Learn why more business professionals, investigators and project planners choose Timeline Maker than any other timeline software solution.

Timeline Maker Does More Than Just Office Timelines.

Timeline Maker is a category leader for business and office timelines for a reason. In addition to business professionals, our software is used by investigators, project planners, technical managers, medical professionals and administrators. We are often asked what Timeline Maker Professional can do that others can't. This chart answers the question of key capabilities in Timeline Maker Pro as they relate to a popular add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint.

Key Capabilities Timeline Maker Pro Software Office Timeline Add-in
Create a timeline visual from a set of events/tasks
Customize chart elements
  • Present chart in PowerPoint (via PPT add-in)
    • If you have PowerPoint installed on your computer, Timeline Maker Pro will automatically install the Timeline Maker add-in. Through the add-in, Timeline Maker will seamlessly integrate into the PowerPoint menu. This allows you to easily insert and interactively present any Timeline Maker chart as part of your PowerPoint presentation.

  • Stand-alone software product
    • Timeline Maker is a standalone product which allows you to create timelines without the need for other software. Although we integrate with PowerPoint, it is not required to run the software.

  • Present timelines without PowerPoint
    • Timeline Maker has a built-in presentation mode which allows you to present your timeline without the need for other presentation software, like PowerPoint.

  • Create and save user-defined themes
    • In addition to the built-in themes, users can easily customize the style of their timeline chart and then save as a custom user-defined theme. This allows you to easily re-use the styles you created on future timelines.

  • Custom chart sizes for publishing
    • Timeline Maker allows you to create any sized timeline you wish. They can be as big or small as you want and are not limited by the size of a PowerPoint slide.

Maximum # of events per timeline Unlimited 30+
  • Legend on chart
    • Timeline Maker automatically creates a legend on your timeline chart. The legend is incredibly important for identifying when events/tasks are assigned to different groups. The legend displays each category used in your timeline and the style used to distinguish each category. The legend is updated automatically as you modify the style of your events and the style of the legend is customizable as well.

  • Advanced data management
    • Timeline Maker has a number of data management features unavailable in other software. For instance, users can create multiple charts from the same data set and easily group events/tasks by category. This allows the user to show different visualizations of the same data set without having to enter the data multiple times. And best of all, when you edit an event/task, it is updated across all charts automatically.

  • Include time of day
    • Timeline Maker gives you the ability to enter event/task data with to-the-second start and end times. This allows you to be incredibly accurate/detailed with case investigations timelines and project plans.

  • Attach external files and documents
    • Timeline Maker gives the user the ability to attach external files to their timeline such as documents, images or multimedia files. Users can easily access these files directly from the timeline while presenting, both in PowerPoint and the built-in presentation mode. Any attached files can be shared easily by using the Timeline Maker exclusive 'Package for Sharing', which compiles the timeline and any attached files automatically into one, easy-to-share file.

  • Present timelines interactively
    • Timeline Maker enables the user to interactively present their timelines, either in PowerPoint or using the built-in presentation mode. Interactive controls include:

      ●   Step-through events
      ●   Hover over events to show additional details
      ●   Show linked files in presentation
      ●   Zoom and scroll


Not to mention, Timeline Maker Pro is a one-time purchase, with no annual subscription fees. This means you can continue to use your purchased license of Timeline Maker in perpetuity, without the need to renew. Still not convinced? Try Timeline Maker Pro FREE.

Key Features:

Interactive Presentations Icon

Interactive Presentations:

Timeline Maker integrates with PowerPoint® like no other. The same step-through, zoom and scroll controls are available in both PowerPoint® and the built-in presentation mode.

Smart Automation Icon

Smart Automation Saves Time:

Timeline Maker is the only timeline charting software that actually does the drawing for you. From the automated timescale, legend and placement of events, to the built-in themes and styles, you can design a professional looking chart in minutes with absolutely no need to draw.

Easy Editing Icon

Easy Editing and Customization:

We provide many built-in chart themes that you can choose from to get you started right away. But, beyond that, every element of your chart can also be changed with one click to guarantee that the chart you produce will be the exact style you want it to be.

One-Click Timeline Software Icon

Simple Printing, Sharing and Publishing:

Aside from our unique Package-for-sharing option, Timeline Maker also allows you to save your timeline chart in a range of formats including PDF, HTML, or graphic file (JPG, PNG, BMP, etc.).

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"The program's interface is professional and welcoming, starting with some helpful tutorials and moving on to an intuitive layout at every turn... Overall, the program is simple to operate and we loved the easily read results."

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"We sampled several timeline software programs and Timeline Maker was hands down the best program available.

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